An Historic Experience

Take an Historic Journey to Seville Great House and Heritage Park, the Green Grotto Caves, Harmony Hall and "The Old Battle Site"
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Bob Marley and Dunns River Falls

Explore Dunn's River Falls and visit Bob Marley's hometown on this 6 hours combination tour. Travel to Nine Mile, where Bob Marley was born and learn about the life of the father
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Bamboo Blu Beach

Fire Fly & Beach

Explore Jamaica's white sand beach and visit Noel Coward's Jamaican home on this combination tour.
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Fire Fly & Dunns River Falls

Explore Dunn's River Falls and visit Noel Coward's Jamaican home on this combination tour.
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Green Grotto Caves

The central feature of this natural attraction is the large labyrinthine limestone cave with its numerous rock formations, it's stalactites, stalagmites and abundance of overhead ceiling pockets.
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Green Grotto Cave

Green Grotto Caves & Dunn’s River Falls

Discover Dunn's River Falls and the Green Grotto Caves, two of Northern Jamaica's most popular natural attractions, during this combined tour. Visit the Green Grotto Caves first to see a subterranean lake
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Montego Bay Highlights

Our Montego Bay Highlights Tour will introduce you to all the beauty and adventure that makes Montego Bay one of the worlds most famous tourist destinations. Our tour departs directly from and
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Wassi Art

Nature & Art Lovers

Take a breath taking Tour of Konoka Gardens or Shaw Park Gardens, Wassi Art Pottery, Fern Gully and Shopping in the town; experience Nature at its best.
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Nine Miles (Bob Marley Birthplace)

Come see where Bob Marley the legendary King of Reggae was born in the village of Nine Mile St. Ann on the 6th of February 1945 and where he was laid to
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One Love Explosion
Special Package!

One Love Explosion!

Visit all three of Bob Marley’s places for the price of one! Nine Mile, the place of Bob’s birth is tucked away in a quaint little village in the remote hills of
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Seville Great House

Dubbed the birthplace of modern Jamaica, the Seville property was where Christopher Columbus first encountered the Taino Indians on May 5thth 1494. Today the Heritage Park is a charming 300 acres property that
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Marcus GArvey Excursion Ocho Rios

Seville Great House & Marcus Garvey

On this heritage tour you will learn Jamaica's fascinating history and all about the various people who came. You will visit the Seville Great House, see important artefacts and learn about Jamaica's
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YAAMAN Adventure Park

There is something very special stored for our adventure enthusiasts at this  a 18th Century Estate agricultural property full of rich history and culture sceneries. Formerly known as Prospect Plantation, Yaaman Adventure
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